PRODUCTION DESIGN (Television & Film)

Working with Producers ground up to conceive and perfect the look, feel and style necessary to sell the story or communicate the message. Creating a unique personality for each production and imprinting that style throughout the entire scope of the program, event or sales campaign.


Intimate talk show settings to massive moving scenery, from glamorous to rustic, classic to kitsch, sets are designed to carry a distinct style and capture audience attention.  Scenic elements are always designed with an eye on flexibility, technical accommodations, special effect requirements and location challenges. Traveling scenery to permanent displays, magic illusions to multi platform award shows, designs are conceived and created to entertain, communicate and deliver the desired visual result.


Total theme party habitats, multi level trade show structures, captivating corporate theater or sleek and classic sales kiosks, designs are geared to draw participants and capture attention. Imaginative environments created with common sense functionality work seamlessly to transport guests when entering a theme party or to effectively communicate information for an immersive marketing experience.


Gathering the best the industry has to offer from multiple vendors to provide an original look with cost effectiveness.  The unique talent of delivering a custom look using available scenic pieces by renting and augmenting with stock inventory, specialty props and stage dressings to deliver a first class, one of a kind, affordable stage design.