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About Craig Nelson
Craig E Nelson

NS Scenic is a tried and true, hands-on, attitude free company dedicated to delivering creative solutions to production challenges. Headed by Designer Craig E Nelson who is known in the industry as the Resource Expert for knowing, not only what is needed, but where to get it.  Happy to team on any level to make every project a success and never stopping until the producer and client are completely happy.  Craig shares design talent with his wife Stacy, known as the Decorating Trash Lassie for her ability to achieve exceptional results on low budget dollars.  Craig and Stacy have unmatched experience and unprecedented success in all aspects of production and design.  When not on set working on the latest production you will find them at morning shows and local news channels as Stacy presents demonstrations and inside tips on how to present the BEST for LESS!

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NS Scenic began as Nelstar Productions, a small one-man design company in 1981.   Specialty design services, from industry leading scenic concepts to Audio-Animatronics characters filled the first few years.  Next came special events.  Staging opening day ceremonies for the LA Dodgers, halftime shows for the LA Rams, and World Championship celebrations for the LA Lakers, we quickly grew into sporting event specialist.  When the Olympics hit Los Angeles in 1984 we were ready.  Our company had the distinctive honor of staging the Olympic Baseball inaugural celebration, creating entertainment segments for Modern Pentathlon, and participating in the historic LA Opening Ceremonies that raised the bar on special event production throughout the world.

When Pope John Paul II graced Los Angeles in 1987, for The Papal Pre-Liturgy Celebration, we were honored to provide creative production elements to enhance this historic event.  In 1988, a major television event was about to take place in Seoul Korea.  Nelstar was invited to design the massive set, as well as engineer the multi-tier entertainment staging area, as 300,000 people filled Olympic stadium for the first ever Pre-Olympic Concert.  Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan and countless other A-List celebrity entertainers came together to perform United We Stand, for Seoul Korea and the world.  Never before attempted staging logistics, grand moving scenery and staggering technical demands, our job description grew with every passing hour.   Our attention to detail proved indispensable in coupling intricate stage mechanics with a critical live-to-tape broadcast.  We quickly became a television savvy international company, with a perfect track record for design forward scenic concepts, a record that stands true to this very day.

Lights!  Camera!  Action!
Television specials, made for TV movies, weekly series, awards presentations, and live-to-tape concerts and events, a wide variety of production demands continue to challenge and gratify us.  We take great pride in knowing that we imprint a visual personality onto every production.  We generate life long memories for live audiences, while delivering quality entertainment to families around the world in the comfort of their homes.  Thriving in a field that others only dream of is an ongoing testament to our ability to adapt, evolve, and persevere.

Hard work, dedication, ability to improvise, attention to detail, and creativity are the common threads that run through each and every aspect of our business.  Love of the work, and for the sake of a job well done; it is the tenacity to deliver as promised with dedication to each program, regardless of size that has made us victorious.  We look forward to developing future innovation as we reach new pinnacles of success with every unique production.