Reliable, ON TIME Load In with Instant On-Set MacGyvering!


Each and every set-up is planned with attention to detail and consideration for other technical requirements.  Care is given to all materials and supplies to insure visual integrity, and guard against wear and tear to preserve quality for future productions.


Skilled in creating successful press events; coordinating with vendors, city, county, and local businesses.  Firsthand knowledge of Fire Marshall requirements and permits, security necessities, street closure procedures, and public safety requirements for red carpet, step & repeats, press boxes and public viewing areas.


Talented craftsmen expertly install grand-scale props, assemble exhibits, and create lavish decorations through rigging, flying, and on-site building.   Beautifully crafted designs are perfectly displayed with respect for visual artistry, functionality and safety.


Extensive experience with multi-level and tiered staging systems.  Foresight to plan for the unexpected and ward off on-site challenges.  Advanced planning and hands-on supervision ensures each and every load in is true to the production footprint, and ensures audience, crew and facility safety.


Proper organization with open communication is Key to executing all aspects of production set-up.  Accurate delivery scheduling, on-site flexibility, solid relationships with all departments, and ability to think on your feet are prime factors for on time installation success.

  • Scenic Set Up
  • Red Carpet Layout
  • Event Decking
  • Press Boxes
  • Camera Platforms
  • Modular Staging
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • On Location Set Construction
  • Accurate Production Footprints
  • On-set MacGyvering